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Pan London Video Conference Update

This conference builds on the launch of the White Paper in 2006 which lead to a webquest being created for students to research and debate what areas of development DfID should fund. This was promoted to London Boroughs through LGfL and Borough e-Learning advisors.

Twenty-two schools from 14 London Boroughs signed-up to take part in using this webquest. This was intended to be preparation for a London Conference supporting the launch of the White Paper in 2009.

All of the schools were sent updates on the DfID consultation and on the White Paper Launch. Due to DfID embargoing and then changing the date for the launch we needed to seek a new venue and schools dropped out due to lack of certainty about the event, and the final date conflicting with pre-organised summer events. We also learnt that our regular e-mail updates were failing to reach some teachers because of their school filtering systems.

"Our Year 7 ICT curriculum is based on exactly your theme for the conference, our students carried out extensive research around the theme, they were therefore very well prepared. The forum gave them a chance to try and get answers to their questions, so the whole experience enriched their curriculum."              Teacher, Head of IT, Gladesmore Community School, Haringey 

The final video conference took place at the National Maritime Museum with the Minister Michael Foster, three schools, and a further four schools online. Video of the conference is shared on the updated webquest, the blog of DfID Young Reporters and an 8 minute DVD available from HEC.

A report of the event was shared with video conferencing networks, London-wide and nationally.

Teachers requested that the event be organised again:

"Now that we know how the forum operates, and if the topic is to be repeated again we will involve a lot students. Look forward to participating this academic year." Teacher, Head of IT, Gladesmore Community School, Haringey 

Link: http://www.lgfl.net/lgfl/leas/tower-hamlets/accounts/THe%20Grid/thhec/web/global%20webquests/dfid/structured%20webquest/home/

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