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LGfL and Fronter

Digital Brain, the platform used by LGfL, lost its contract (2009) and is being replaced by Fronter, the full switch over taking place summer 2010. To ensure the continuation of the promotion of the global dimension across London Boroughs HEC has been negotiating with LGfL over the move to Fronter. This has led to LGfL agreeing to transfer the pan-London area on the global dimension, our www.global.lgfl.net site (2,500 visits over three months), from Digital Brain to Fronter.

Tower Hamlets LA has paid for HEC staff training (four half days) on how to create and share work on the new platform and on how Fronter can be used with schools and across Boroughs. This includes both the use of Webfronter for public websites, and the use of the internal borough ‘rooms' for developing collaborative work in a more secure and controlled environment

HEC is now working with borough ICT teams to develop a stronger use of the Fronter platform with which to share work both within and between boroughs, and to enhance the profile of the global dimension and development issues within schools. For example as part of HEC's work in Haringey with the ICT team, the webfronter site around the Earth Summit can now be used as a model for other boroughs to follow and build on. The site can be viewed: www.earth.haringey.lgfl.net

Username and Password available on request to HEC.

The original LGfL global dimension resources (www.global.lgfl.net), including popular webquests, are being reviewed and redesigned in Webfronter, and the global LGfL site continues to be used by HEC to promote global learning London-wide. For example, students' work interviewing experts around human rights, justice and sustainability student voice in primary schools has been put up on LGfL, and a support area has been created for schools and business volunteers on how to use enterprise for active global citizenship.

A consultant in video conferencing from Kensington and Chelsea CLC is supporting HEC on developing events promoting the Global Dimension, building on the DfID White Paper schools event. A proposed outcome is a conference using social enterprise as part of school linking.

Reported December 2009

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